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Teak Root Stump : Simple way to Impress Your Guests

SOGEHFurniture are custom made artisan that can create your teak root needs. 

We have so many customers that really loves teak root. It's a pleasure when you contact us and you explain anything that you need for your livingroom. 
Some customers explain about the size, the height and the finishing options that we have. It's a really nice experience when you know that our customers are know what are they search for. From no education, until they understand what they needed.

The First Thing SOGEH Furniture want to do is not sale, but education. About how to choose the right teak root, what kind of teak root, how to differentiate good and bad teak root. 
How to know that your item is high quality, or just piece of junk that finished. *Oops.. 

Buy STump Teak Root Coffee Table in SOGEHFUrniture

One thing that became our one of the best seller is Teak Root Stump, or usually we called this as Teak Star Stump Table. 
Most common they have 80 cm - 150cm diameter. The larger, then rarer. It's uncommon to find 150cm diameter, that's why the price is quite expensive. 

Choosing the right teak stump table, without direct view is quite difficult to do. Thats why we at SOGEH always provide detailed view, video and image, so you know exactly the item that you buy. 

It's really popular in USA right now. If you are interested in buy teak stump coffee table, always check our catalog, or if you want to consult and ask before purchase, you better Contact us, and we can give you a call to explain about this :)

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